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Ontario’s delayed soybean harvest threatens incoming winter wheat crop

September 3, 2019  By Field Crop News

It is unlikely that soybeans will be ready for harvest in time for producers to plant winter wheat during the optimal planting dates in many parts of the province, according to the latest crop report from Ontario’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).

OMAFRA’s field team states while these conditions are not ideal, it doesn’t mean producers should give up on planting a winter wheat crop. Successful winter wheat crops have been planted beyond their optimal planting dates if planting conditions were right.

Beyond field conditions, if the weather forecast for a producer’s region is showing reasonable temperatures that would provide at least 130 growing degree days to allow the wheat seed to germinate and emerge before winter, then producers are encouraged to plant their winter wheat as soon as they can.

Other highlights from the latest crop report include:

  • Manure application after wheat harvest is occurring and provides an excellent opportunity for taking a sample for analysis. Testing will give more insight into the quality and nutrient availability of what’s being applied.
  • Producers in need of more forage inventory before winter should consider planting spring cereals for fall forage.
  • Forage growth rates in the fall are slower so it will likely take more than 45 days to reach boot stage. Therefore, forages should be seeded as soon as possible and no later than the first week of September.
  • Winter wheat is a possibility for many growers despite a delayed soybean harvest. The OMAFRA field team discusses fertilizer and seeding depth concerns.

Read more in the latest crop report from OMAFRA’s field crop team.


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