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Ontario Hay Listings Service connects producers with buyers

The Ontario Forage Council is reminding farmers the Ontario Hay Listing Service can help hay and straw producers connect with buyers across the province.

August 9, 2016  By Ontario Forage Council

This growing season, producers are facing many challenges associated with the weather and drought-like conditions. Most producers have reported near average yields on their first cut of hay, however, many are now commenting about the severe shortage of second cut. Some livestock producers are reporting challenges in sourcing adequate hay supplies to sustain their herds.

“This year in particular, we feel that there is an urgency to spread the word about the Ontario Hay Listings Service,” a press release stated. “We see an immediate need for buyers and producers to utilize a forum by which to communicate their needs to one another. This continues to be a free, efficient and effective way of buying or selling hay and straw.”

The Ontario Hay Listing Service ( is designed with dial-up Internet users in mind.



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