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Ontario average soybean yield beats 10-year average despite season’s challenges

December 12, 2023  By Field Crop News

As of Dec. 7, the provincial average yield reported by Agricorp for 2023 is 53 bushels per acre (bu/ac). This number will be updated as more acres are reported. For comparison, the 10-year average farm yield is 48 bu/ac. Seeded acreage was also relatively high, at 2.91 million acres. The Agricorp floating claim price was $16.56/bu.

Some growers reported yields over 80 bu/ac and a few research trials yielded over 100 bu/ac. However, growers also faced significant challenges, including poor plant stands, excess rainfall, white mould and a cool, wet summer. This resulted in some fields yielding poorly. A cool summer also delayed maturity, resulting in a slightly later harvest for some varieties. Despite this, many fields intended for winter wheat were harvested in good time this fall. Overall, strong yields and relatively high prices made 2023 a positive year for Ontario soybean production. |READ MORE



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