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OMAFRA: Get out and scout for western bean cutworm

August 1, 2023  By Field Crop News

Western bean cutworm (WBC) activity is trending higher this year than the previous three and could reach levels similar to those seen in 2018. WBC moth trap catches jumped this week by the hundreds, with a few locations in Norfolk and east Elgin jumping into the 500-1,000 moths per trap range. OMAFRA field crop entomologist Tracey Baute says they are finding eggs and newly hatched larvae too, but that peak moth flight hasn’t been reached yet. Peak is likely to happen in next week or two.

Baute recommends scouting early planted corn fields first, especially those entering or in VT stage. There are lot of fields with silk emerging but no emerging tassel yet. Younger fields, as well as dry bean fields, are more likely to be targeted by moths after peak flight. |READ MORE



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