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New online resource helps producers improve productivity

January 28, 2019  By Top Crop Manager

The Agri-food Management Institute (AMI) has launched a new online resource called Farm Productivity to help producers increase efficiencies and reduce areas of waste on their farms.

“This resource is for newer producers and those who have been farming for years. It’s for anyone who wants easy-to-use tools that help improve productivity,” says Ashley Honsberger, executive director of AMI. “Taking baseline measurements in a few key areas can help producers make better business decisions that improve their overall bottom line.”

There are five commodity types featured on the website – grains, market vegetable, cow-calf, meat goat, and artisanal poultry. For each one, commodity experts and producers were consulted to identify the top key performance indicators or measurements that have the biggest impact on productivity.


Users start by selecting the commodity of their choice and are given access to tools and templates tailored for calculating their farm’s baseline numbers. Users are then guided through how to make improvements and set goals. Additional information on lean principles, reducing areas of waste, and technologies for improving productivity is included.

At the end of each module, producers receive a report that includes their own data, goals set, and tools for ongoing tracking and monitoring. Users can also choose to receive check-in reminders to measure their progress in the future.

Producers and commodity organizations are encouraged to visit the website to take advantage of this free resource.

The Agri-food Management Institute is funded through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-territorial-provincial initiative.


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