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New Holland Wins Six AE50 Awards for Engineering Innovation

November 7, 2012, PA - New Holland Agriculture has been honored with six prestigious AE50 Awards by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). The AE50 awards are presented for the fifty most innovative product ideas to enter the market in 2012. They honor new product ideas that are ranked highest in innovation, significant engineering advancement, and impact on the market served.

The New Holland award winners include the 840CD rigid draper head for New Holland combines, the Advanced Operator-Control System for New Holland H8000 Series Speedrower self-propelled windrowers, New Holland BigBaler Series, the New Holland IntelliFill System for FR Series forage harvesters, New Holland ABS SuperSteer anti-lock braking system (available on New Holland T7 Series tractors), and the New Holland T9 Series tractor homologated option, approved for transport on roads in Europe.

“Through the years, New Holland has earned a well-deserved reputation for innovation,” says Abe Hughes, New Holland’s Vice President of North America. “These awards affirm our on-going commitment to developing advances in technology and cutting edge solutions to meet the needs of today’s agricultural producers.”

Grain producers can maximize the high capacity of their combine in cereals, grains, rice and other specialty crops with the New Holland 840CD rigid draper head, designed specifically for New Holland combines. It is available in cutting widths ranging from 25-45 ft. and features the patented SynchroKnife drive (an innovation that won an AE50 Award in 2011). This unique center knife-drive system, which revolutionizes the way a combine head cutterbar is driven, works on the same basis as the two opposing knife drives used in larger heads, but eliminates the vibrations they can cause by continually keeping the opposing knifes perfectly synchronized. The 840CD also features a patented, fully integrated transport system, and an integrated hydraulic system that allows for individual adjustments in draper belts and knife speeds, to optimize cutting and feeding performance.

The Advanced Operator-Control System for H8000 Series Speedrower self-propelled windrowers  is designed with more intuitive access to information and adjustment for exceptional operator convenience and functional control.  It includes a multifunction handle (MFH), software that provides additional operator feedback, and an Intelliview touch‐screen monitor. The MFH provides fingertip control of all header adjustments, including draper header requirements, and includes a return‐to‐cut control that allows a double click of a button to raise the header at the headland and a single click to return to the previous cut‐height setting. Software advancements provide feedback on fuel consumption, including a horsepower‐hours/gallon calculation that allows the operator to consider engine speed and ground and header speed adjustments to maximize fuel and operational efficiency.

New Holland’s next generation BigBaler Series sets a new benchmark in baling performance. With up to a 20% increase in capacity and up to 5% denser bales, the BigBalers significantly improve productivity and profitability. They offer commercial hay operations, straw contractors and owner-operators unsurpassed baling performance. The all-new MaxiSweep pickup was completely redesigned featuring a new full-width feed assist roller with paired overshot-undershot augers at both ends to pull in material to ensure that every last stem of profitable crop is safely baled. The MaxiSweep has distinctive S‐shaped side shields that work with crop guides to improve crop flow and windrow separation. SmartFill feed indicators use sensors in the pre‐compression chamber to sense incoming crop and guide the operator via the IntelliView display, ensuring square‐edge bales with balanced side‐to‐side density. The BigBaler styling ensures smooth airflow over the machine for minimal debris buildup, and the one‐piece front flywheel cover opens wide for easy access for service and maintenance.

The New Holland IntelliFill system, an industry‐exclusive, boosts forage harvesting productivity by allowing the operator to concentrate on achieving optimal crop flow and field progress instead of focusing on filling the trailer. This automatic trailer‐filling system offered as an option for New Holland FR Series self‐propelled forage harvesters, uses a 3D camera that allows the operator to fill a trailer accurately and with minimal losses, no matter the size or type of trailer. Deflector position and spout orientation are automatically controlled, based on the information collected by the 3D camera, to consistently fill trailers to the level specified. The system functions equally well in bright sunlight and in the dark on long harvesting nights. As infrared light is reflected from the trailer, collected by the lens, and passed onto a matrix, the IntelliFill System measures the trailer edges and filling degrees. The operator is notified when the trailer is full.

New Holland ABS SuperSteer (available on New Holland T7 Series tractors) is the first tractor to offer the safety and control of an anti‐lock braking system with the productivity-enhancing, super tight-turning SuperSteer front axle. The system delivers the same on‐road safety features as ABS fitted to a passenger car: improved stability, especially when braking under load, and safer, more controlled steering while braking. The system monitors wheel rotation and braking force to eliminate wheel lockup, even on wet or icy roads. It provides straight‐line braking if wheels on one side are on a different surface than the other side. ABS SuperSteer allows steering around an obstacle when braking hard or sharply. The tight-turning SuperSteer™ front axle option leads the field in reducing the time it takes to turn on the headland and delivers row crop agility, beating any tractor in the T7’s category. The system can also use the rear independent brake control to reduce the tractor’s turning circle by as much as 50 percent over the standard T7, for faster headland turns in field operations.

The New Holland T9 Series (homologated option) is the world’s first articulated four‐wheel‐drive class tractor to attain the convenience of “full type homologation” approval by the European Union for on‐road use on public roads in any European country. The New Holland T9 is now available with a special option package designed specifically to allow the tractor to meet the EU road laws for vehicles. The package modifies the tractor steering and braking systems, vehicle width and height, exhaust and lighting systems, and places additional equipment on the tractor to fully meet the laws. Other tractors of this size must have extra equipment mounted by customers and dealers and undergo a country‐by-country approval process to be used on European roads.

November 7, 2012  By New Holland


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