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New app enables farmers to share input prices

Apr. 23, 2014 - The FNA Strategic Agriculture Institute (FNA-STAG), a not-for-profit informational research organization, has launched mobile app AgPriceBook. The app gives farmers the opportunity to post prices they have been quoted or actually paid, for specific input products.

At launch, the product categories covered include crop protection, fertilizer, petroleum products and inoculant. FNA-STAG will add categories or products where there is significant demand. Users can request products to be added from within the app.

The app enables farmers to view prices posted within a 100 km diameter from a centre-point location they select, or larger areas, to see how the prices they are paying compare to those being quoted or paid in any area of the country.

App users are anonymous. When a user posts a price, the data is anonymized to a 100 km diameter which prevents identifying farmers who post prices by making "proximity connections." As well, the app does not identify specific retailers, ensuring that no identifying connection can be made between retailer and farmer.

FNA-STAG says it will use the data to produce reports tracking specific input categories and even specific products with regional and national comparisons.

Download the app.


April 23, 2014  By Top Crop Manager


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