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MNP partners with AGvisorPRO

January 7, 2021  By Top Crop Manager

MNP, a Canadian agricultural accounting, consulting and tax firm, is now a Tech Direct Partner with the AGvisorPRO connectivity channel.

The connectivity channel is a network of agricultural manufacturers, suppliers and retailers that provide free support to farmers and agri-businesses that use the AGvisorPRO app. Users of the app will now be able to connect with MNP advisors, in addition to many other Tech Direct Partners, quickly and easily.

“Users can connect with an MNP ag expert in real time, with any questions,” said Stuart Person, MNP’s senior vice-president of agriculture, in a press release. “There is also access to other industry experts such at vets, pest experts, and more. Bringing all the expertise to one place makes it easier and more convenient, and that’s something today’s agriculture business owners and managers could use more than ever.”


“AGvisorPRO is working to create a one-stop agriculture channel connecting farmers with advisors, industry, researchers and government to help increase farm profitability, sustainability and help enhance global food security,” said Robert Saik, CEO of AGvisorPRO.

AGvisorPRO is a remote-connectivity platform for agriculture. The app can be downloaded for free on iOS, Android, and desktop devices.


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