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Manitoba harvest makes a major jump

October 19, 2022  By Top Crop Manager

Harvest in the Prairies is nearly complete, with the biggest progress made in Manitoba. While Saskatchewan has not released an update since its report for the week ending Oct. 3 (during which harvest was at 90 per cent completion) and Alberta is not due to release another update until next week, Manitoba’s weekly updates show positive progress.

Throughout the entire season, Manitoba has been behind recent averages in both planting and harvesting. Now, as of the week ending Oct. 18, the province has essentially caught up to its five-year average at 90 per cent completion (with a five-year average of 91 per cent complete). Last week, progress was two weeks behind the established average. Some canola remains unharvested in parts of the southwest, eastern and Interlake regions due in part to late seeding. Remaining canola crop is drying slowly.

In the south, where harvest is complete or nearly complete, fall field work, tillage, fertilizer application and drainage is underway.


Winter cereal crops are in good condition, but soil moisture is low in those fields and in other areas. Rain fall is needed to recharge soil moisture reserves ahead of next spring’s planting.

Corn harvest has started and is most advanced in the Red River Valley of the central regions. Reported yields for corn have been very good.

More details on Manitoba’s harvest progress, yield, weather, pests and more can be foundĀ here.


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