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Crop report: Manitoba catching up, Alberta nearing finish line

October 12, 2022  By Top Crop Manager

As harvest continues across the Prairies, Saskatchewan is seeing operations near completion, with lentils and field pea harvest virtually complete, and other crops making progress. In Manitoba, harvest remains behind but is still progressing, and yields are average to above-average.


While Manitoba harvest progress remains behind the five-year average, it is inching closer to normalcy. As of the week ending Oct. 12, harvest progress sits at 79 per cent, two weeks behind the five-year average. Last week, progress was three weeks behind the five-year average. Notable progress in the last week includes canola in the southwest region, where crops had been later and more variable than other regions. Soybean harvest has also jumped to 50 per cent complete, with producers reporting being pleased with yields so far.

However, some unharvested cereals have seen quality downgrading from recent wet weather, where staining, mildew and sprouting has affected late wheat and oat crops. Fall tillage and fieldwork is underway wherever farmers are caught up with harvest, or are able to work when rains stops harvest progress. Erasing sprayer ruts via tillage is common, and fields are being worked more commonly than in the previous two years. Fertilizer application is ongoing, with some broadcast fertilizer being applied, while many farms choose to band granular nitrogen or anhydrous ammonia. | READ MORE



Saskatchewan has enjoyed the spoils of ideal harvest weather. As of the week ending Oct. 3, Saskatchewan has 90 per cent of its crop in the bin, well ahead of the five-year average of 82 per cent for comparable weeks. Some weather challenges include heavy fog and high humidity in some areas. Harvest in the southwest and west central regions is “virtually complete” with some flax still to be harvested, which will likely occur after the next heavy killing frost. The northwest has 94 per cent of their crop off, the northeast 87 per cent, the southeast 86 per cent and the east central 81 per cent.

The harvest of lentils and field peas has finished. Ninety-eight per cent of the durum, 97 per cent of the chickpeas, 93 per cent of the spring wheat, 90 per cent of the barley, 82 per cent of canola and 66 per cent of the flax has been combined across the province. Cropland topsoil moisture is rated as 28 per cent adequate, 41 per cent short and 31 per cent very short. Hay and pasture land topsoil moisture is rated as 22 per cent adequate, 41 per cent short and 37 per cent very short. | READ MORE


As of July, Alberta’s crop reports are now released every other week. The more recent report released covered the two weeks ending Oct. 4. Alberta remains ahead of the pack at 96 per cent of all crops harvested, on par with last year’s progress and 26 percentage points above the five-year average. About two per cent of crops are in swath, and two per cent still standing.

Regionally, harvest is most advanced in the south and northeast regions, where more than 97 per cent of crops are now in the bin. About 96 per cent of crops in the central region and 95 per cent in the Peace region have been combined. Harvest in the North West Region is 90 per cent complete. Compared to the five- and 10-year averages, harvest is advanced for all regions.

Field pea is 100 per cent harvested, and barley is 99 per cent harvested.

For pests, blackbirds are becoming a pest on ripe sunflower crops, farms are hoping to start harvest as soon as logistics and weather allow.



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