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Irrigation management seminar Oct. 16

Sept. 17, 2013 - Irrigated land is trading at up to $1 million per quarter and irrigation itself costs money. Getting the most out of an irrigation investment starts with a good understanding of factors such as how much water crops use at various growth stages; how much water soils can hold; and, when to start irrigating and how much water to apply to optimize crop production.

MNP's Irrigation Management Seminar will help producers develop a better understanding of how to manage irrigation on their farms to optimize water application, crop yields and profitability. The one-day seminar features Dr. Ross McKenzie, an irrigation crop production researcher with over 35 years of experience.

McKenzie will lead the one-day, in-class and in-the-field seminar and focus on:

water use at various growth stages and assess soil moisture conditions to determine when water is required
factors for irrigated crop establishment to get the crop off to a good sstart
water-holding capabilities of different soil types, crop rooting depths and the depths at which to manage soil moisture
irrigation issues, concerns and questions

This Irrigation Management Seminar is being held in Lethbridge on October 16, 2013. Registration closes on September 26. The seminar is limited to 18 attendees, so early registration is recommended. The seminar is Certified Crop Advisor – CEU approved for 6 Soil and Water credits.

To register, contact Brenda Martin at 403-380-1657 or fax at 403-380-7457 or by Wednesday, September 26th, 2013.

For more information on this seminar, contact Mark Wobick at 403-380-1666 or

September 17, 2013  By AAFC


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