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INTRODUCTION:The 26th annual

As the 2006 growing season approaches....

November 14, 2007  By Peter Darbishire

As the 2006 growing season approaches and the storage steadily empties, it's
time for the remaining decisions to be made about the upcoming crop: decisions
now that must cover seed piece treatments and planting, then as the season unfolds,
in-crop applications. Always in the hope that more stability in potato markets
will emerge, it is also time to consider upgrades to machinery and storage facilities.

Since 1981, the Potatoes In Canada edition of Top Crop Manager
has provided an annual review of potato production in Canada. Indeed, it is
Canada's only documentary style magazine dedicated to providing sound advice
about growing and storing this valuable field crop.

What have 25 years of publishing Potatoes In Canada shown us? Well,
mostly that there is still hunger for high quality pertinent stories. This issue
continues in this vein, with stories on most aspects of potato production, especially
those which maximize margins for growers and some which hold promise for improvements
in the future, like genetic improvements that may provide resistance or tolerance
to some of the crop's most costly diseases and other pests.


Welcome to our second quarter-century! -30-

Peter Darbishire, Editor



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