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Honourees needed for 2015 Wilson Loree Award

Sept. 9, 2016 - Farm Management Canada (FMC) is seeking to honour individuals or groups with the 2015 Wilson Loree Award. 

The award was established over fourteen years ago, to honour those that have made an extraordinary contribution to developing and promoting new and positive change in agricultural business management practices and expertise in Canada.

FMC encourages the nomination of individuals or groups that:

  • Have made significant contributions in the area of business management regionally or nationally;
  • Have demonstrated innovation in areas such as turning research into practical management tools, adapting best practices from other sectors to agriculture, and finding new ways to deliver training, information and resources to farm managers;
  • Have served as a role model and a mentor to colleagues, partners and clients, inspiring them to achieve their full potential;
  • Have demonstrated the ability to network and develop partnerships to include others in furthering the shared goals and vision of the agriculture industry
Nominations are required by Oct. 14, 2016. FMC staff and board members are not eligible for the award. The winner will be revealed during the Agricultural Excellence Conference on Wednesday Nov. 23rd.  All are welcome to attend.

Visit for more information on the award and conference.

September 9, 2016  By Top Crop Manager


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