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Editor’s Note: Focus on ag technology

June 15, 2022  By Top Crop Manager

Welcome to Cultivating Innovation – a special digital report compiled by the team behind Top Crop Manager, providing insights from our reader survey and a special virtual roundtable discussion. 

The idea behind this digital edition first came to us in the middle of 2021. We set out to quantify the importance of progress and advancements when it comes to technology on the farm – while still recognizing the significant barriers to implementing it. What better way to do so than ask our readers for their feedback? 

The Ag Tech survey was launched in early 2022, and more than 1,200 respondents from across Canada responded (you can learn more about the responding audience on pages 6 and 7). Then, to expand on those results, we asked a selection of industry representatives (learn more about them on page 4) for their thoughts on the results during a virtual roundtable discussion. This video was recorded, and the conversations are fascinating, with panellists providing perspectives from different roles within the industry. I encourage you to check out snippets of it, or the video at length – you’ll find the direct links below, and they’re all available on our website. 


This issue is a compilation of some of the themes we’ve pulled from the survey, and from the roundtable discussion. It’s a peek at the barriers to adoption, the opportunities for technology, and what the future holds – but of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Technology is useful but can be complicated. It can be easily accessible, or too difficult to implement. And as always, what works best for your neighbour may not work at all for you. Just like anything you do on the farm, the adoption of new tech will involve taking calculated risks, keeping an open (but cautious) mind, and a whole lot of research and perspective. We hope you’re able to gather some of that from this report and from our roundtable videos.  


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