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CSL and Viterra set grain load record on ship using biodiesel

November 9, 2021  By Top Crop Manager

Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) reached a historic milestone at the Viterra terminal in the Port of Thunder Bay on Nov. 4, when it loaded a record-setting 31,362 metric tonnes of grain on CSL Welland, breaking the previous record of 31,143 metric tonnes. The cargo of wheat will be discharged in Montreal, destined for international markets.

The 36,364 DWT Trillium Class bulk carrier is currently running on second-generation biodiesel made from non-food biomass, adding to the significance of this remarkable accomplishment.

CSL Welland is part of CSL’s biodiesel testing program – the longest ongoing trials of pure B100 biodiesel on vessels in Canada. Over the course of this year’s tests, which were conducted on half of CSL’s Great Lakes fleet, CSL Welland was able to achieve a lifecycle reduction of 6,800 tonnes of CO2 compared to marine gas-oil (MGO).


Across the entire Canada Steamship Lines fleet, the CSL biodiesel program has to date resulted in a 22 per cent lifecycle reduction of CO2 compared to MGO.

Introduced in 2018, CSL’s biodiesel program has accumulated the most running hours on B100 with marine engines worldwide. Replacing fossil fuel with biodiesel on vessels requires no modification of existing equipment and provides a viable carbon-neutral fuel source over its lifecycle.


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