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Company rebrands to reflect focus on Canadian agriculture

February 27, 2024  By Top Crop Manager

AVAC Group has officially changed its name to Verdex Capital to better reflect the company’s renewed focus on the Canadian agriculture sector.

“This rebrand marks a significant milestone in our investment strategy and corporate evolution,” says CEO Martin Vetter. “When AVAC started in 1997, we focused exclusively on Alberta’s agricultural innovation sector. Over the years, we diversified by investing in technology startups and select fund managers. But we’ve been steadily returning to our agricultural roots. The rebrand to Verdex Capital formalizes our commitment to Canadian agricultural innovation.”

Verdex describes its mission as “advancing Canadian agriculture” for triple-bottom-line outcomes. It looks to invest in ways that achieve strong economic returns with measurable environmental and social impact.


Verdex invests directly via its AgTech venture studio, Carrot Ventures. Carrot Ventures launched in 2021 to commercialize AgTech innovations applicable to Canadian agriculture. It is one of only a handful of AgTech-focused venture studios globally.

In conjunction with the rebranding, Verdex seeks to understand ways to advance Canada’s agricultural innovation and startup ecosystems. Verdex invites anyone engaged in AgTech/FoodTech research and innovation, venture finance and commercialization, or any form of agriculture or food processing operation to share their insights by participating in the Canadian AgFocus Survey. The intent is to share insights gained to prioritize community investment initiatives.


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