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CLAAS of America launches Lexion 6000 combines

June 25, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

CLAAS of America recently announced the launch of the all-new Lexion 6000 Series straw walker combines. With two new models to choose from, Lexion straw walker combines are designed to save time and make the job easier for farmers who want efficient separation without over-threshing grain or damaging straw.

The increased capacity of the Lexion 6900 and 6800 provides up to 25 per cent more throughput. The APS Sunflow Walker threshing and separation system brings together the accelerated crop flow provided by APS with an additional separator drum after the threshing drum.

The Lexion combine is equipped with more in-cab controls and on-the-fly adjustment capabilities, along with machine performance feedback. The Cemos Automatic combine automation system makes autonomous and automatic real-time, in-field adjustments with precision and speed.


 With a transport speed of 40 km/h (25 mph), Lexion combines get operators through the field and on to the next one quickly. In-cab conversion capabilities make it simple to switch between crops when needed, reducing crop conversion time by more than 50 per cent. Daily maintenance time is shortened with features like the automatic central lubrication system and Dynamic Cooling to increase air filter service intervals by up to two weeks.

To learn more about the new Lexion 6000 Series combines, visit the product page here.


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