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Canadian pulse industry sets new target for growth

The Pulse Canada board of directors is aiming high to accelerate growth and generate significant new demand for pulses and pulse ingredients by 2025.  

By setting a target of “25 by 2025,” the industry will marshal its resources to create new demand in new use categories for 25 per cent of its productive capacity. Snack foods, tortillas and breakfast cereals are just a few product categories that represent growth potential for pulse ingredients, which offer food manufacturers protein, fibre, slowly digestible starch and an environmental sustainability story.

The demand target comes as the industry considers its sustainable growth strategy. The Canadian pulse industry continued to expand production in 2016 to meet strong demand with a 28 per cent increase in lentil production and a 51 per cent increase in pea production over last year. In 2016, the number of food products containing pulses launched in North America grew by approximately 30 per cent.

January 18, 2017  By CNW Group


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