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Brevant Seeds taco truck offered free meals to Ontario growers during harvest

November 18, 2019  By Top Crop Manager

Seed company Brevant Seeds licensed a food truck to serve free meals to Ontario farmers during harvest season. Photos courtesy of Brevant Seeds.

During the harvest season, Brevant Seeds licensed a food truck to visit several of its retail locations across Ontario offering free meals to local farmers, their families and retail employees. The feel good initiative was spurred on by the challenging conditions faced by Ontario agriculture this year.

The food truck made its rounds this past October stopping in Wellandport, Kent Bridge, Pain Court, Granton, Mitchell, Guelph and Moose Creek, Ont., and serving freshly made tacos to those in attendance.

A representative from Brevant Seeds said tacos were selected, “Because they incorporate every aspect of agriculture with a variety of Canadian ingredients  – from the corn tortilla fried in Omega-9 canola oil, to the beef and produce fillings.”


In total, Brevant served over 1,700 tacos to retailers, growers and their families in attendance.

In total, the company served over 1,700 tacos to retailers, farmers and their families over the month of October.

Tacos were selected because their ingredients could be tied back to Canadian agriculture.

“We’re extremely happy to have received such positive feedback from farmers and retailers regarding this initiative. At Brevant, our customers are our main priority, so being able to give back to them during a challenging harvest is the least we can do,” said Bethany McIntyre, the Brevant Seeds representative who organized the initiative.

In 2019, Ontario growers faced challenges such as poor winter wheat survival – one of the worst seen in a decade, and an exceptionally wet spring that delayed planting and fall harvest.

Brevant Seeds is a seed brand from Corteva Agriscience.


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