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BASF increases production of Twinline to meet demand for 2013

NOVEMBER 7, 2012, Mississauga, ON – BASF Canada Inc. (BASF) has increased production of its popular Twinline cereal fungicide for the 2013 growing season as a direct response to high market demand.

"Growers responded very well to the benefits that new Twinline fungicide offered last year which resulted in a sold out position across Canada," says Jason Leitch, Brand Manager, Fungicides, at BASF Canada. "This was one of the largest cereal fungicide launches in Canada. Growers have shown their desire for new innovations in the cereal market, and it's clear that Twinline delivers."

Twinline launched in 2012 as a solution to managing leaf diseases in cereals with the added advantage of AgCelence – a unique plant health benefit available only in specific BASF fungicides, including Headline.

"A lot of growers had success with Twinline last year and next year even more growers will have the opportunity to access it," says Leitch.

One such grower was Ron Krahn of Rivers, MB. Krahn used Twinline on his spring wheat and oats and saw a significant benefit. "We sprayed Twinline on both at flag leaf time and saw between eight and 11 bushels more per acre over the check," he says. "We had a really good test weight in our oats as well, which wasn't very common this year."

Twinline provides dual modes of action to control a range of leaf diseases, including tan spot, septoria leaf spot, leaf rust, stripe rust, spot blotch, net blotch, scald, crown rust and powdery mildew. In trials, Twinline resulted in excellent leaf disease control along with AgCelence benefits leading to an average yield response of 3 bushels per acre.+

November 8, 2012  By BASF Canada Inc.


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