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European corn borer surveys to track populations and damage

June 14, 2021  By Top Crop Manager

The Canadian Plant Health Council’s Surveillance Working Group has developed a harmonized monitoring protocol for European corn borer (ECB), available in both English and French. Growers are asked to report any ECB eggs, larvae or damage they find in any host crop via the early/mid-season (before July) and late season (July to pre-harvest) surveys.

The surveys make use of the Survey123 app, which growers will need to download to access; however, a login/password are not needed, as users can choose to “continue without logging on.”

Corn is the preferred host crop of ECB, and recent breakdowns in the effectiveness of Bt resistance genes means that corn growers should remain vigilant. However, ECB is a pest to other crops, including quinoa, hemp, millet, potatoes and apples, and growers should scout for the pest if they are in an area where ECB is likely to be found.


The Canadian Corn Pest Coalition has a resource for the available information on ECB as a corn pest in Canada. |READ MORE


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