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Vista begins waste-to-energy project

Mar. 25, 2013, Denver, CO - Vista International Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in efficient Waste-to-Energy technology, has begun construction on the company's previously announced northeastern US pilot Waste-to-Energy project. This project will utilize the next generation of Vista's gasification technology, the MFG-8 Thermal Gasifier, and is the beginning of a multiple phase plan by the host company to reduce the amount of waste it landfills.

The MFG-8 Thermal Gasifier to be used in this project expands on the success of Vista's previous installations, which span three continents, and is capable of converting virtually any hydrocarbon-based feedstock into usable energy. Upon successful completion of this project, the second phase of the plan will involve the installation of a larger, permanent Waste-to-Energy installation at the host company's site.

This project is being fully funded by the host company. CEO Tim Ruddy sees this event as an important milestone for the Company. "The beginning of construction on our initial third generation unit represents a giant step forward for the company, and is the result of a significant amount of hard work by the entire Vista team. We are excited to show the renewable energy community the advances in our newest design."

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March 25, 2013  By Vista International Technologies Inc.


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