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UFA Co-operative announces engagement with Agtech Accelerator

March 14, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

UFA Co-operative (UFA) announced its engagement with Saskatchewan-based Agtech Accelerator, founded by Cultivator powered by Conexus (Cultivator), Emmertech and Economic Development Regina (EDR).

The Agtech Accelerator program is a 12-week, venture-backed accelerator program built with founders and farmers as the foundation and combines agriculture and technology to accelerate the development of agriculture technology startups in Canada and beyond. From March to June each year, the selected cohort companies will connect with expert mentors, investors, service providers and producers in the industry.

“As a 114-year-old co-operative, UFA has a long history of supporting progress and innovation in the agricultural sector. Agtech moves at incredible speed – it is imperative that UFA be in lockstep to accelerate innovation and technological advances to help build solutions to the problems faced by today’s producers,” says Don Smith, vice-president of petroleum and innovation for UFA. “The success of the farmers and ranchers we serve is at the heart of all we do, and strategic alliances like this pave the way for the future of agriculture. Saskatchewan is abundant with opportunity, and we are excited to help build a strong and vibrant ag industry in the province, ensuring the economic growth of our sector and food security in the Prairies, Canada and beyond.”


The strategic collaboration will deliver benefits and opportunities to UFA and its members, including access to critical innovators in the agriculture industry and a pipeline to regional, national and global startups.


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