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AGRIMAX V-FLECTO: BKT’s technologically advanced, high-performance tire

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April 1, 2024 in Features
By BKT Tires

Agrimax V-Flecto tires(Photo: BKT)

To meet the growing needs of high-power tractors and the evolving industry, BKT has developed AGRIMAX V-FLECTO, a radial tire specifically designed for increasingly powerful and highly functional equipment. This tire has been engineered to support particularly demanding transport loads and comes with special features that optimize operating efficiency.

AGRIMAX V-FLECTO provides superior flotation and outstanding self-cleaning properties. The result is reduced maintenance time and improved productivity during all farming operations. It is indeed a tire designed to optimize both the job and the time, as well as farm operators’ resources; this is possible thanks to the VF technology, which keeps the load constant while reducing inflation pressure. One of the tire’s most striking features is its ability to support 40% higher loads at the same inflation pressure compared to a standard tire, reducing hence soil compaction.

Not only does this attribute bring benefits to the farmer, who can transport larger loads in less time, but also, and more importantly, to the soil: thanks to its larger footprint and a deep tread increased in width by 10%, AGRIMAX V-FLECTO helps prevent compaction of agricultural soil, preserving proper soil drainage and thus crop quality, promoting as a result sustainable farming practices.

In addition, the ultra-strong carcass and the special reinforced bead enable AGRIMAX V-FLECTO to enhance the full potential of the tractor both in the fields and on the road, where it can reach even high speeds (up to 65 km/h) ensuring top riding comfort.

AGRIMAX V-FLECTO is also notable for its NRO Technology (Narrow Rim Option), in compliance with the standards of E.T.R.T.O, the European Tire & Rim Technology Organization. This marking allows the use of rims in the standard size instead of special rims, which, on the other hand, are essential for other VF tires of the same size.

As a result of intensive research and development, this tire highlights BKT’s commitment to enhancing the operator’s experience and optimizing equipment performance. Reduced soil compaction, reduced fuel consumption plus excellent self-cleaning properties and ease of use – these are the winning aspects for which the DLG Test Center Technology & Farm Inputs, the renowned independent German testing institute, has recently awarded the two sizes of AGRIMAX V-FLECTO VF 650/65 R 42 and VF 540/65 R 30 with the DLG-APPROVED quality mark after their outstanding performance in field testing. In particular, the tires scored excellent results in the DLG test modules “Resource Protection” and “Ease of Use”, demonstrating a larger footprint at reduced contact pressure and, as a result, less soil compaction. At an inflation pressure of 0.6 bar, AGRIMAX V-FLECTO showed a 16%-lower ground pressure than the other tires tested – among these were premium and budget brands – as well as the lowest ground footprint. This result demonstrates a significant reduction in soil compaction, which is key to sustainable farming practices. An important recognition that rewards AGRIMAX V-FLECTO’s ability to meet the challenging demand in terms of both technology and performance for high-power tractors.

In a nutshell: BKT’s AGRIMAX V-FLECTO embodies a technologically advanced, high-performance solution that is perfect for maximizing farming productivity, reducing soil compaction, and providing substantial fuel savings.

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