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Seed giant invests in biotech wheat

July 21, 2009
Despite interest among US, Canadian and Australian growers, the development of biotech wheat is nonetheless a touchy subject, and it is into this climate that Monsanto has announced its intent to invest in biotech wheat, following the acquisition of WestBred.

July 21, 2009  By High Plains Journal

July 21, 2009

Monsanto has announced acquisition of WestBred, LLC, and its plans to invest in wheat. The investment includes long-term plans for biotechnology for wheat, according to a company release.

“Wheat is one of the world’s most vital crops— yet it has suffered from a lack of investment in technology. As a result, the productivity of wheat acres continues to fall behind other major row crops like corn, soybeans and cotton,” the statement said.


Monsanto will acquire WestBred, LLC, company and “sees the investment as an opportunity to bolster the sustainability of wheat by helping farmers improve yields and reduce input resources. We believe the combination of our technologies—like drought tolerance, herbicide and pest resistance, as well as improved-yield traits—and WestBred’s breeding expertise in wheat can meaningfully address some of the productivity challenges facing this crop.”

US wheat industry welcomes announcement


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