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New living lab announced for Manitoba

November 29, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

Led by the Manitoba Association of Watersheds, a new living lab project was announced for the province Nov. 15, representing an investment of up to $9.2 million over five years under the Agricultural Climate Solutions (ACS) – Living Labs program.

This living lab aims to accelerate the sector’s response to climate change by bringing together producers, scientists and other sector partners, to co-develop, test and evaluate on-farm beneficial management practices (BMPs) on multiple sites across the province. These BMPs, which support nutrient management, water retention, crop and livestock integration, soil health and more, will help store carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while providing environmental co-benefits.

In collaboration with partner organizations within the living lab, the Manitoba Association of Watersheds will also encourage knowledge transfer and exchange between local producers, federal and provincial researchers, Indigenous communities and other partners.


“Practices developed on-farm, and shared within communities, is a remarkably effective way to increase adoption of beneficial management practices,” says Garry Wasylowski, board chair, Manitoba Association of Watersheds. “Our hope is that innovative practices developed through Living Lab – Manitoba will lead to healthier watersheds through an increase in sustainable agricultural practices and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.”

This new project adds to the four living labs launched earlier this year and the nine living labs announced in 2022. With a total of 14 living labs under the ACS – Living Labs program, there is now at least one living lab in every province.


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