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New fertilizer production plant opens in Ontario

September 19, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

Sollio Agriculture, the Agri-business Division of Sollio Cooperative Group, has opened CRF Agritech, a new controlled-release fertilizer production plant in St. Thomas, Ont.

The project was launched in 2021, after Sollio Agriculture entered a joint venture with several of its cooperatives in Québec, its Agromart retail partners in Ontario and the Maritimes, and Pursell, a leading fertilizer technology manufacturer based in Alabama.

At present, CRF Agritech is the sole plant in Canada able to manufacture controlled-release custom fertilizer formulations using Pursell’s unique coating technology.

“The new coating plant in St. Thomas is in line with Sollio Agriculture’s efforts to promote sustainable practices that reduce the environmental impact of farming activities and innovate with alternative products, while maintaining the goal of ensuring the prosperity of Canadian farmers,” says Casper Kaastra, CEO, Sollio Agriculture. “The strategic location of CRF Agritech will provide for reliable supply in Eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States and reduce freight expenses for our customers. This strategic partnership between Pursell and the Sollio Agriculture network allows us to expand the potential market for this technology and support nutrient management initiatives associated with the use of fertilizer products. PurYield is an exciting addition to our portfolio, providing substantial benefit to farmers across the region.”

A $25 million investment

With an area of 25,800 square feet, the new controlled-release fertilizer production plant required an investment of more than $25 million.

It manufactures next-generation controlled-release fertilizer, including PurYield, for farmers across all Eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States. It will also be able to produce other coated fertilizer for uses other than agricultural. At full capacity, the plant will manufacture over 100,000 tonnes annually.

As part of the Fertilizer Accelerating Solutions and Technology Challenge of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of Ontario, CRF Agritech was awarded $154,000. This grant made it possible to speed up production and farmers’ adoption of this new generation of fertilizer technology.


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