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Lack of heat delays Ontario seeding progress

May 17, 2019  By Field Crop News

On-going lack of heat and sunshine are the biggest culprits in delaying seeding progress in Ontario, according to the latest crop report by the field crop team at Ontario’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).

A small number of acres were planted on the lighter soils across the province, where conditions permitted, but to date less than 10 per cent of corn is in the ground. Rainfall continues to vary across the province but the lack of heat and low temperatures add to the delayed progress.

Highlights from the latest crop report include:

  • Emergency manure application in wet weather conditions, to slow over-flowing storages, increases the risk for compaction and ruts. The OMAFRA field crop team shares advice on the various manure application options for producers.
  • Some annual and perennial weeds are getting bigger, like dandelion, and will require higher rates of glyphosate.
  • A few guidelines on how to maximize wheat yield potential, especially on questionable fields, with a shorter timeline.
  • Current, cool wet conditions increase the risk of early season seed roots, seedling blights and/or root rots showing up in corn and soybean fields.
  • Conditions are good for white mould development in blooming winter canola. Producers are encouraged to apply fungicides at 20 to 50 per cent bloom.

Read the latest crop report from OMAFRA’s field crop team here.


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