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Hail decimates crops near Lake Erie

Jul. 4, 2012, Windsor-Essex, ON - A recent series of storms caused a massive amount of damage to crops in the region, leaving farmers with little to do but count their losses.

According to an article from The Windsor Star, the hail was the size of ping-pong balls, wind surged at speeds at more than 100 km/h and may have disappeared after only 20 minutes.

Joe Gorski had 600 acres of corn and winter wheat affected by the storm - corn that was six feet tall is now about two or three feet, and is a writeoff, he said.

"It's like someone took buckshot and just kept shooting at the crop for 20 minutes."

For more information on the storm's damage and the clean-up in the Windsor-Essex area, please see The Windsor Star.

July 4, 2012  By David Manly


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