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Frost causes minimal damage in Manitoba: MAFRI

Sept. 17, 2013 - Warm, dry conditions across most of Manitoba have allowed for excellent harvest progress, according to MAFRI's weekly Crop Report.

Reported spring wheat yields range from 30 to 85 bushels per acre, barley 60 to 140 bushels per acre, oats 85 to 180 bushels per acre, canola 15 to 65 bushels per acre, and edible beans 2000 pounds per acre. The first acres of soybeans were also harvested with early yield reports of 35 to 55 bushels per acre.

Most areas of Manitoba reported frost events throughout the weekend. To date, minimal damage to crops has been reported but crops will continue to be assessed over the coming days.

Seeding of winter wheat continues across Manitoba. In the central and eastern regions, some seeded acres have emerged. It is currently anticipated winter wheat acres will decrease from the previous year as a result of decreased availability of stubble prior to seeding deadlines, and good yields and quality of the 2013 spring wheat crop.

Read the full Crop Report.

September 17, 2013  By Top Crop Manager


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