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Flooding in western MB may be worse than in 2011: KAP

July 3, 2014 - Keystone Agricultural Producers warns both federal and provincial governments that flooding in western Manitoba due to wet conditions in June and last weekend's deluge of rain could be as bad as, or worse, than the flooding that occurred in 2011.

"Several sources in Saskatchewan say that the situation there is worse than in 2011, and now all of that water is heading to Manitoba to add to the already desperate situation producers and rural residents in our western region are facing," said Doug Chorney, president of Keystone Agricultural Producers.

"In 2011, 3.5 million acres in the province were unseeded or flooded out, and I'm afraid that this could be the case again this year. Many farmers who did manage to get a crop in this spring are now seeing it under water, and that will only worsen when all of the water from Saskatchewan arrives.

"In addition, pastures and forage stands are already being drowned out, and livestock are being threatened. We already expect to see feed shortages in the fall, and this situation will only get worse with additional flooding.

"Another major concern to all residents of western Manitoba is the damage to roads and bridges, and I anticipate municipalities will need high levels of assistance to repair them."

Chorney says he looks to the federal and provincial governments for leadership in dealing with this catastrophic situation.

"AgriRecovery and other disaster assistance programs will be required, and I urge both levels of government to monitor the situation and act quickly," he said.

Chorney says he has already met with Manitoba Municipal Government Minister Stan Struthers, and is awaiting a meeting with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Minister Ron Kostyshyn.


July 3, 2014  By Keystone Agricultural Producers


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