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Safely disposing of pesticides in Alberta

Apr. 12, 2013, Etobicoke, ON - Alberta farmers demonstrated their commitment to environmental stewardship by turning in more than 66,000 kilograms of obsolete or unwanted pesticides for safe disposal last year.

The obsolete pesticide collection program took place across the southern half of the province over a five-day period between Oct. 29 and Nov. 2 where farmers dropped off old or unwanted pesticides.

"Farmers are some of the very best stewards of the land and their participation in this program serves to highlight that," says Barry Friesen, general manager of CleanFARMS, which operates the program. "They responsibly use pesticides to improve their operations and grow a safe supply of food for Canadians and when it comes time to dispose of unwanted pesticides, they do it safely and responsibly through a program like ours."

CleanFARMS is a national industry-led agricultural waste stewardship organization. The obsolete pesticide collection program has been operating since 1998 and since then, Alberta farmers have turned in 203,889 kilograms of obsolete pesticides.

"This program creates a win-win situation; farmers are given the opportunity to safely dispose of unwanted pesticides through this easy-to-use program and by doing so, they take an important step toward protecting the environment," says Lynn Jacobson, President of Wild Rose Agricultural Producers.

After collection, the pesticides are taken to a licensed waste management facility where they are safely disposed through high-temperature incineration.

The obsolete pesticide collection program generally comes to the province every three years and is free for farmers to participate in. In 2013, the program will run in the northern half of the province. In between collections, farmers are asked to safely store their unwanted pesticides until they can properly dispose of them through the obsolete pesticide collection program.

The program is part of the plant science industry's commitment to responsible lifecycle management of its products.

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April 12, 2013  By CNW Group Ltd.


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