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Canada Western Solin no longer regulated as of August 1, 2013

Dec. 12, 2012, Winnipeg, MB - On August 1, 2013, Canada Western Solin will be removed from the list of official grains of Canada and will no longer be regulated under the Canada Grain Act.

Solin, an oilseed crop that is sometimes called linola, became an official grain in 1995. It was grown, marketed and handled under contract with Viterra. Solin has not been in production for approximately five years, and there are no intentions of introducing it back into the market.

Solin breeders have requested cancellation of registration of their solin varieties with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. On November 8, the Western Standards Committee recommended removing Canada Western Solin from the Canada Grain Regulations.

Therefore, as of August 1, 2013, there will no longer be a grade schedule or quality standards for solin, nor the right for producers to request subject to inspector's grade and dockage (a binding decision on grade and dockage) for solin deliveries. As well, deliveries of solin will not be covered by the Canadian Grain Commission's Payment Protection Program.

Varieties of Canada Western Solin are: CDC Gold, 1084, 2047, 2090, 2126 and 2149.

"There could be a few farmers in Western Canada who still have solin in their bins. If they are keeping it for delivery, they should contact Viterra as soon as possible, prior to August 1, 2013" says Chief Commissioner Elwin Hermanson. "If they deliver solin after August 1, 2013, they can't declare it as Canada Western Flaxseed."

Solin is a type of yellow flaxseed with very low levels (below 3 percent) of alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid. It was grown for food use, particularly to make margarine with low trans-fatty acids. Solin seeds are not visually distinguishable from seeds of new yellow varieties of Canada Western Flaxseed, which have high levels (over 60 percent) of alpha-linolenic acid and are grown for health food markets.

Yellow flaxseed varieties are currently contract registered. Cancelling the registration of solin will make registering new varieties of yellow flaxseed easier and faster because flax breeders will be able to follow the regular registration process.


December 12, 2012  By CGC


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