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Bruce Agra Dehy Inc. upgrades alfalfa plant

Feb. 21, 2013, Kincardine, ON - Bruce Agra Dehy Inc. (DEHY) has upgraded its alfalfa plant in two steps with a $14 million capital expenditure program. The plant, located in Kincardine, Ontario, will be completed ahead of schedule, ready for the 2013 forage season.

DEHY will again enter into 'up to three years' alfalfa and alfalfa timothy contracts with farmers to grow forages for the supply of the plant. These forage crops will benefit farmers in their crop rotation and improve the farmland for its farmland owners. The farmer's responsibility is to establish the crop and maintain it for the contract period; and will be monitored by DEHY's agronomists. DEHY will be responsible for the harvesting and transport to the plant.

The upgrade of the plant included a new additional sun-cured product cubing line which will make the plant a year round instead of a seasonal operation.

DEHY's plant is the only major alfalfa plant in Ontario and is North America's largest plant of its kind, and processes exclusively Ontario-grown forages.


February 21, 2013  By Marketwire


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