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Alberta provides $58 million for circular economy projects

February 14, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

The Government of Alberta has committed $58 million in the circular economy through Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) to projects across the province worth $528 million in public and private investment. All funding is sourced from the province’s Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) fund.

Producing high-quality fertilizer for farmers, recycling asphalt from roof shingles, sequestering carbon in concrete and novel plastics recycling are some examples of the technology solutions receiving funding through ERA’s Circular Economy Challenge.

If successful, these projects will result in cumulative greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions of up to 4 million tonnes by 2050 — equal to offsetting the GHG footprint of 1 million homes. Circular Economy Challenge Funding is expected to create 1,835 person-year jobs in Alberta and have a $350 million GDP impact in the province by 2025.


The fertilizer project is through Rimrock Renewables LP, where they will treat the bi-product of the anaerobic digestion process to produce fertilizer, peat, cattle bedding, and clean water on-site. The project will receive ERA funding of $8.4 million to go toward the total project cost of $19 million.

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