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Alberta extends BioEnergy Producer Credit program

March 25, 2010, Ottawa - The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association applauded on Wednesday the Government of Alberta's decision to extend its support for renewable fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel by extending its BioEnergy Producer Credit Program by 5 years to 2016.

November 30, 1999  By Carey Fredericks


The extended program presents opportunities to build additional ethanol and biodiesel capacity in Alberta with a focus on the great potential for second generation renewable fuels which use feedstocks like forestry, agricultural and municipal waste.

“With this announcement Alberta is making a serious bid to become a leader in renewable energy development in Canada,” said Gordon Quaiattini, President of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association. “Today’s announcement is good news for rural Alberta, good news for Alberta consumers, and good news for energy diversity and choice.”


Alberta Energy Minister Ron Liepert estimates that Alberta’s $150 million investment to date in bioenergy has the potential to leverage up to $2 billion from the private sector.

The program will help Alberta meet its climate change targets by reducing emissions while also providing value-added opportunities and long-term stability to Alberta’s agriculture and forestry industries. It will support the provincial Renewable Fuels Standard which will be implemented in April 2011.

Alberta estimates the 5 per cent RFS will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about one million tonnes annually or the equivalent of removing 200,000 cars from Alberta roads.



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