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A&L Canada Laboratories to include hemp services

January 31, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. have expanded their scope of analytical services for production of hemp. A&L is fully equipped and staffed for complete analytical testing of hemp, including heavy metals, pesticide testing and cannabinoid profile, as well as traditional testing for soil and plant tissue nutrient levels with agronomic recommendations.

A&L has developed a suite of hemp analysis and agronomic services to support existing and new producers grow a high value crop: analytical testing of hemp for CBD production; disease diagnostics; heavy metal and pesticide residues; soil testing; plant tissue monitoring program; and hemp fertilizer recommendations.

‚ÄčA Health Canada-licensed cannabis testing laboratory for over three years, A&L provides analytical services, releasing testing, terpenes and disease diagnostics for cannabis to clients across Canada.


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