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Clubroot found in Grande Prairie field

January 30, 2020  By Alex Barnard

Clubroot has been found in a canola field in the Webster/Sexsmith area in the County of Grande Prairie, Alta. It was discovered during routine soil sampling; soil testing found the spores that cause the disease in “relatively low numbers.”

County officials say they are working with the farmer who owns the land to “address the appearance of clubroot.” The County says it is the sixth municipality in the Peace River Country where clubroot has been found.

The Canola Council of Canada recommends vigorously and regularly scouting crops for signs of infection, using a minimum of two years between crop rotations, and planting resistant strains in case of infection, as well as diligent cleaning and sterilization of equipment before entering and leaving a field to reduce risk of further spreading the disease. Regular soil testing aids in the detection and management of clubroot, giving canola farmers the best chance of minimizing the disease’s impact.



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