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Young farmers learn the ropes

Mar. 7, 2013, Chatham, ON – More than 100 15- to 18-year-old farmers will have the opportunity to plant their own corn crop this year as part of the DuPont Pioneer 2013 Corn Share program. Last year's successful introductory program in Perth County with eight participants prompted Pioneer Hi-Bred to expand the program to include young farmers throughout Ontario.

The Pioneer Corn Share program is an opportunity for next generation farmers to learn the key components of field corn production through experts outside of the family farm. These young farmers will grow a minimum of 10 acres of Pioneer brand corn while learning agronomic skills throughout the season. Participants are given homework tasks, such as evaluating corn stands and plant population, which are then reported back to the group.

"The program idea came from large cash crop growers who were looking for a comprehensive mentoring program for their sons and daughters," says Dave Brand, DuPont Pioneer area sales manager and the developer of Corn Share. "These growers wanted top-notch experts to train their children to become the next generation of farmers."

Each participant will attend four in-field educational sessions via interactive crop tours with Pioneer staff and will share their learnings at a harvest wrap-up meeting.

For more information about signing up for the DuPont Pioneer's Corn Share Program contact your local Pioneer Hi-Bred sales representative.


March 7, 2013  By DuPont Pioneer


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