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Wolf Trax addresses magnesium deficiencies

Feb. 18, 2013, Winnipeg, MB – Wolf Trax has added magnesium to its DDP Nutrient portfolio. Designed to address magnesium deficiencies in soils and crops, new Magnesium DDP is available to farmers in Canada and the US for the 2013 growing season.

Magnesium is important in chlorophyll production and plays a key role in moving sugars from the leaves into the plant. Deficiency is a growing problem in highly productive soils, and the only fertilizer options that most farmers and agricultural retailers have had were somewhat inefficient. Challenges with granular magnesium products include tie-up in the soil, poor blending capability and sparse distribution throughout a field.

Formulated as a dry dispersible powder, Magnesium DDP will coat dry fertilizer for higher quality blends, better field coverage and easier access for plant roots. Magnesium DDP also features what the company calls Dual Action Formulation, providing immediate availability for plant uptake, along with extended feeding over time.

Wolf Trax will host a free webinar about new Magnesium DDP on Feb. 26, 2013. Go to to register for the webinar.


February 18, 2013  By Wolf Trax


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