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What’s new in soybean varieties?

A look at the lineup of new western Canadian soybean varieties.

November 19, 2007  By Top Crop Manager

New soybean varieties, specifically developed for western Canada, are pushing
into new territory. Top Crop Manager has assembled a list of new varieties
that are being introduced or released in commercial quantities.

The information is provided by the respective soybean seed companies. However,
Bruce Brolley, soybean specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural
Initiatives, recommends that producers reference the Manitoba Seed Guide, published
in December 2005. It is on the Manitoba Agriculture web site and includes independent
ratings of soybean traits, CHU and assessments of days to maturity.

"Maturity ratings are critical for producers to get good yields and grain
quality," explains Brolley. "Growing the wrong variety with too high
of a heat unit rating or too many days to maturity in a cooler region like Starbuck
or Grosse Isle will likely cost a producer in reduced yield and seed quality
if the crop is frozen prior to normal maturity."


Quarry Grain Commodities
The focus is to offer early maturity and low heat unit varieties, all with the
Roundup Ready gene. Breeding objectives also include smaller seed size for lower
seeding cost per acre, iron chlorosis resistance, and phytophthora root rot
resistance. Web site: www.

23005RR with a CHU 2450 was registered
in the spring of 2005. It has a superior ability to adapt to adverse conditions
for the 2450 heat unit range. Seed size of approximately 3500 seeds per pound.
Iron chlorosis rating of 1.6; phytophthora root rot rating of 1.6; and excellent
standability and emergence.

LS 00854RR, CHU 2550 is a strong standing
soybean with high yield potential in well drained soil. It was also registered
in 2005. Seed size of approximately 3000 seeds per pound; iron chlorosis rating:
2.2 and excellent standability.

Upcoming varieties applied for release in 2006 from Quarry Grain include:

Thunder lineup: Potential of three new
varieties with CHU range of 2450 to 2550. Seed size from 3300 to 4300 seeds
per pound. Some varieties contain the 1k gene for phytophthora root rot and
all have excellent iron chlorosis ratings. (Not registered at press-time.)

Legend lineup: Potential of three new varieties
with CHU range of 2400 to 2500. Seed size from 3300 to 3800 seeds per pound.
Some varieties contain the 1k gene for phytophthora root rot and all have excellent
iron chlorosis ratings. (Not registered at press-time.)

Canterra Seeds
Canterra Seeds is focussing on acquiring early maturing soybean varieties to
fit the western Canadian market through relationships with its breeding partners.
Canterra is testing both Roundup Ready and conventional varieties, with strict
selection criteria for maturity suitability for southern Manitoba, based on
yield and quality. Web site:

Apollo RR – Roundup Ready soybean
with maturity occurring within the 2375 to 2400 accumulated heat units after
planting. Combines good yield potential, brown hilum, exceptional early vigour
and very good resistance to shattering.

NorthStar Genetics Manitoba
NorthStar Genetics Manitoba accesses five of the largest breeding organizations
in North America. By selecting the top genetics from each, they aim at bringing
a broader choice for growers with specific requirements for specific soil types.
They assess the varieties by growing them on the farm to make sure it is the
right maturity, the right bean for the soil conditions and yields well. Web

230RR: At 2350 heat units, this early variety
has excellent standability and is great for narrow rows… drilled or air-seeded.

WHR247: This high yielding line is also
at 2450 heat units. A taller variety, usually welcomed in more stressful environments,
also exhibits great standability along with high yields.

RR REGIS: A new release, this registered
variety shows great promise as a high yielding variety. NorthStar Genetics reports
that it looks great in the plots.

Dekalb/Monsanto Seeds
Dekalb has two current products and one new product for 2006. The research program
in western Canada is focussed on the development of early maturing and high
yielding germplasm that contains the Roundup Ready trait. Web site:

24-51R is a new 2450 CHU, Roundup Ready
variety. It is a tall, high yielding variety with excellent tolerance to white
mould, good to excellent rating for iron chlorosis and excellent standability.
(Not registered at press-time.)

Hyland Seeds
Hyland Seeds specifically develops genetics for the northern growing region.
The company concentrates on developing corn, soybeans and edible beans that
will mature early, and tolerate northern-specific stresses and cold soils. Web

RR Rosco is a 2450 CHU, Roundup Ready soybean
that matures early with excellent yield potential and season-long standability.

Jim is a 2500 CHU, conventional soybean
with a white hilum and medium sized seed.

Pride Seeds
Pride Seeds, through its parent company AgReliant Genetics, is a leading soybean
plant breeder. Web site:

PS 26 RR is a 2425 CHU variety with brown
hilum and excellent yield potential. Seed size is around 2800 seeds per pound.

SeCan Association
SeCan Association targets both conventional and Roundup Ready soybean varieties
with breeding objectives focussed on early maturity (2500 heat units or lower),
high yield (equal to or higher than OAC Prudence) and good standability. Yellow
hilum varieties for the human food market are also a focus for the conventional
breeding program. Web site:

Pembina is a new, conventional, 2450 heat
units, imperfect yellow hilum variety. It has 107 percent yield index over OAC
Prudence, with large seed size. Seed available in spring 2007.

OT 02-07 RR is a new Roundup Ready, 2500
heat units variety with imperfect yellow hilum, and medium seed size. (Not registered
at press-time but if registered, seed will be available in spring 2007.)

Agriprogress Incorporated
Agriprogress has 20 years of experience in variety development in western Canada,
with more than 40 registered varieties of soybeans, peas, canola, sunflowers
and beans. The company runs its own breeding program, as well as source genetic
material from foreign breeders. Dolly soybean is licensed for distribution through
Cloutier Agra Seeds.

Dolly is a 2550 CHU yellow hilum variety
that was available in limited quantities in 2005. It is a non-GMO variety with
large seed, making it suitable for speciality markets. -30-


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