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WGRF invests $3.5 million in new project funding

Jan. 10, 2013, Saskatoon, SK - Through a co-funding partnership with the Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) and other producer commodity groups, Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) announces $3.5 million of new funding towards 25 crop-related research projects out of the Endowment Fund.

Some of the projects receiving funding include mapping of blackleg in canola, fusarium resistance in cereals, new technologies to assess sprouting damage in wheat, addressing the challenges of growing canaryseed, pulse disease management, improving weed management for Saskatchewan growers and improving the nutritional value of oats.

WGRF has targeted a total of $15 million in new funding over the next four years. WGRF has established relationships with Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) in Saskatchewan, Agri-Food Research & Development Initiative (ARDI) in Manitoba and the Agriculture Funding Consortium (AFC) in Alberta as well as other producer commodity groups that will double this investment to $30 million in these priority areas:

• Agronomy
• Variety Development
• Minor Crop Development
• New Crop Uses Utilization
• Crop Risk Management
• Post-Harvest Management

To view a full list of projects supported through the WGRF Endowment Fund visit

January 10, 2013  By WGRF


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