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Western Canada field crop surveys seek grower input

January 15, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

Field crop growers in the Canadian Prairies are asked to share their knowledge in two open surveys.

The Prairie cover crop survey by Yvonne Lawley at the University of Manitoba wants to know whether you’re growing cover crops on your prairie farm. Personal information will not be disclosed in the survey report, and the information collected will be aggregated, but annual survey results will be available if you choose to provide your contact information. This survey opened in 2019 and runs throughout 2021.

Pulse Canada has commissioned a survey through the University of British Columbia regarding pea and lentil production in Western Canada. The survey focuses on farm practices and the environmental footprint of Canadian pea and lentil production systems, and will support Pulse Canada in measuring sustainability, marketing and communication initiatives. Individual farm data will not be disclosed, and survey responses will be aggregated into regionalized, production-weighted averages. The survey is open until February 7.


The cover crop survey can be accessed at, and the Pulse Canada survey can be accessed at


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