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Archive: Keeping it simple: Multi-nutrient, seed-safe sulfur solution Polysulphate

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Webinar: Keeping it Simple
Webinar Date:
January 25, 2023 at 11:00am

In this free webinar, ICL agronomist Dr. Jason Haegele and Craig Davidson, president of Taurus, discuss seed-safe, multi-nutrient sulfur solution: Polysulphate.

Polysulphate Premium is a convenient and proven multi-nutrient source for key crops grown in Western Canada, including small grains, canola and potatoes. ICL’s proprietary formula delivers K, S, Ca, and Mg in a single granule with an environmentally friendly and agronomically optimal release profile. Haegele and Davidson will share the latest research and insights into Polysulphate as a source of potassium for single-pass seeding and fertilization operations.

This webinar has been approved for one CCA-CEU in nutrient management.

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