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Archive: Finding fairness in farm transition

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Webinar Date:
December 1, 2022 at 11:00am

Have you ever had a fight over what the family thinks is fair? How do we tell our non-farming children they are not getting a raw deal? What can we do to get the family to the table to talk about this?

Fairness means different things to different farm team members and the non-business heirs. Join Elaine Froese, farm family transition coach, for a discussion on the following session solutions:

  • Learn to ask powerful questions to uncover what fairness means to each individual involved in your farm transition process.
  • Glean better conflict-resolution language to help you navigate tough yet courageous conversations to transfer assets and build harmony in your farm family.
  • Activate the FAIR approach of financial transparency, attitudes towards money, intentions, and roles and rebels approaches.
  • “Develop your why (your intent) and you can bear almost any how.” (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche)
  • Know the questions to ask and how to get better understanding of what fairness looks like to you and each family member.
    • Questions about debt servicing, gifting, farm viability, entitlement and defining reasonable expectations.

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