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Archive: The value of using a nutrient biostimulant this season

By Top Crop Manager

Webinar Date:
April 26, 2023 at 1:00pm

There’s lot of chatter about biologicals, and according to a recent survey of Canadian farmers, 89 per cent are either using or are interested in learning more about biological and biostimulant products.

This webinar covered Utrisha N Nutrient Efficiency Biostimulant, launched in Canada in 2022 and used by farmers in a number of different crops including canola, cereals, corn and soybeans.

Corteva agronomists will discuss how the product works, and the conditions where farmers can expect the best returns. Utrisha N provides a sustainable, alternative source of nitrogen that reduces dependency of nitrogen uptake from the soil and ensures the plant has access to nitrogen all season long.

Sponsored by:


Trevor Herzog – Western Canada Agronomy Leader, Corteva

Tammy Jones – Technical Sales Agronomist, Corteva

Kirsten Ratzlaff – Product Marketing Manager, Corteva


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