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Video: Top Crop Summit 2023 interview series – 4R P fertilizer management in the Prairies

May 25, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

Don Flaten.

The cold soils at planting and short growing season in the Canadian Prairies create special challenges for P nutrition in crops and P fertilization practices. In addition, recent changes in management practices such as widespread adoption of reduced tillage systems, introduction of new crops and high-yielding varieties, intensification and extension of crop rotations, and development of new fertilizer products have also affected management of P fertilizer. This presentation summarizes and updates a recent review of P management research in the Northern Great Plains that provides the science base for “4R” management of P fertilizer in this region (i.e., “right” source, “right” rate, “right” time and “right” place for fertilizer application).

Dr. Don Flaten recently retired from the University of Manitoba, where he was a professor in soil fertility, crop nutrition, and nutrient management. Prior to teaching and conducting research on a full-time basis in the Department of Soil Science, Don was Director of the School of Agriculture at the U of M, as well as Provincial Soils Specialist for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, and a District Agriculturist for Alberta Agriculture.



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