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The Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission – known as SaskCanola – was established in 1991 to develop the canola industry in Saskatchewan. SaskCanola is governed by a farmer-elected Board of Directors who represent the interests of 20,000 Saskatchewan canola farmers by directing levy investments into research, policy, and market development.

SaskCanola invests in research on behalf of farmers to advance the canola industry and solve issues related to canola production. To date, SaskCanola levy dollars have funded 441 canola research projects. Results of these research investments are available at

SaskCanola represents canola growers at local, provincial, and national levels on issues that impact their farm businesses, to ensure that current and future policy supports the ability of farmers to carry out their work of growing canola.

SaskCanola invests in market development initiatives to promote canola oil as healthy, versatile, affordable, sustainable, and Canadian, with an overarching goal to make canola the oil of choice for consumers across Canada.

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We want to hear from our members. If you have any questions or concerns, please call (306) 975-0262 or email