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Updated forage info for Alberta

Sept. 9, 2013, Edmonton, AB - When it comes to planting and establishing a healthy and productive forage stand, all species and types of forage are not created equal. Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development forage specialists maintain a factsheet, Perennial Forage Species Grown in Alberta Adaptability Matrix to help producers make the best seed selections and forage decisions.

For a field in the Bow Island area, would it be better to plant Alfalfa, Slender Wheat Grass or Meadow Brome Grass? What forage species are recommended for the High Prairie area – Sweet Clover, Tall Wheat Grass or Russian Wild Rye?

This factsheet provides information on legumes and grasses; forage soil and climatic zones of Alberta; a map showing the soil zones; and, a chart that makes it easy to find which species grow well in which areas of the province.

At a glance you can find which species are recommended for your soil and climate zone and which are not. As well, the forage species chart includes a column for fields under irrigation.

To view this recently updated factsheet, click here.

September 9, 2013  By AARD


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