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Two Ontario ag companies awarded seed funding for innovation commercialization

AgriBrink Ltd. and Farm Health Monitor Ltd. are among the 26 companies selected to receive grants of up to $30,000 in the latest round of the program funded through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario).

June 26, 2018  By Top Crop Manager

AgriBrink Ltd. in Moorefield, Ont. has developed an on-the-go tire pressure adjustment system that allows the machinery operator to rapidly inflate or deflate tires to suit field conditions or for safe road travel. Lower tire pressure increases the tires’ footprint and reduces soil compaction for field operations. The company says their on-the-go tire pressure adjustment system allows farmers to widen the application window, reduce compaction, protect soil structure, lower fuel consumption, limit time loss caused by excess slippage and reduce yield loss due to compaction.

Based in Guelph, Ont., the Farm Health Monitor smartphone app provides real-time surveillance, reporting and mapping of livestock and poultry diseases. Farm Health Monitor focuses on syndromic surveillance — gathering and analyzing health data at the pre-diagnostic stage — to prevent widespread outbreaks of infectious animal diseases.

In addition to agriculture, other Ontario companies selected to receive funding are launching products and services in sectors such as manufacturing, clean technologies, bio-products, waste management and utilities.


Each grant of up to $30,000 in non-repayable seed financing is accompanied by coaching and mentorship.

The Government of Canada, through FedDev Ontario, has provided Bioenterprise Corporation with up to $4.84 million to deliver the Bioenterprise Seed Fund and Innovation Guelph’s Fuel Injection program. These programs support innovative early-stage southern Ontario businesses in the agriculture and agri-food, sustainable and environmental technology, advanced manufacturing and social innovation sectors.

As of March 31, 2018, recipient companies have raised more than $25 million in follow-on private investment, generated more than $26 million in sales, created more than 220 jobs and launched more than 200 products, services and processes, and technologies.

The 26 businesses located across southern Ontario, join 89 companies who previously were selected to receive program funding. The FedDev Ontario program began in 2016.


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